Network snapshots & RPC

Snapshot is a copy of database state. It is used for fast synchronization with the network. When you run a validator you may need a fast sync. Simply download the archive via wget ot torrent and unzip it to the blockchain path. Snapshots updating daily. Staking with low commision is available. Stake your tokens to get passive income. Connect to our RPC endpoints if you don't want to run a full node. Easy. Reliable. Cheap. Our servers have 99.9% uptime. Explorer new testnets.


Bitszn is a staking provider. Earn tokens from participating at testnets and ambassador programs. Fast synchronization of your full node. Use our RPC endpoints without rate limit for Ethereum Ropsten, Kovan, Goerli, Rinkeby networks. Stake your tokens with Bitszn validator nodes. Bitszn is a proof of stake node provider. Lock your coins with high APY, flexible intervals and the lowest commission. Get future staking support from us. Cosmos staking nodes.