Crypto Faucet is a tool for getting free coins for testnets. Testnet coins don't have any value and are used for developing and understanding how blockchains work. Here you can claim free Ethereum based network coins: rinkeby, goerli, ropsten, kovan, mumbai (polygon), binance smart chain and others. Claim free coins every 24 hours. Participate at testnets and earn free cryptocurrency. Operate nodes with free coins. Claim Cosmos based Mainnet coins to cover your commissions. Get free crypto for transaction fees.


Claim free Ethereum coins. Ropsten Faucet, Goerli Faucet, Rinkeby Faucet, Kovan Faucet, Mumbai Faucet, Binance Smart Chain Faucet. Get Ethereum coins every 24 hours for free. Claim tokens to cover your transaction fees. Claim tokens at bitsznbot via telegram.