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Bitszn — get free support for testnets or ambassador projects. Stake your cryptocurrency securely and with low fees. Get free support from the community. Earn crypto running testnet and ambassador programs. Join our communities at Telegram and ask any questions. Participate at crypto events and earn money. Request a new network snapshot or staking validator node. Earn crypto with Bitszn. Contact us for any questions and suggestions.

We are here to help you! If you would like to request a new crypto faucet for your project or run us a node at your network don't hesitate to contact us. Request snapshots, RPC endpoint or any other necessary tool. It is free. We will do our best to make it ASAP.


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Bitszn — all necessary testnet tools

Run genesis validator nodes with Bitszn. Get Snapshot, use RPC or claim free Ethereum coins at Bitszn. Ropsten Faucet, Goerli Faucet, Rinkeby Faucet, Kovan Faucet, Mumbai Faucet, Binance Smart Chain Faucet. Get Ethereum coins every 24 hours for free. Participate at crypto testnets and events. Contact Bitszn to get support.