Bots are testnet and mainnet tools used for monitoring your nodes status. They make your life easier and allow you to earn crypto by managing your testnet nodes in a proper way. Here you can find different useful telegram and discord bots developed by crypto community enthusiasts. Use bots to track your performance, claim free testnet Ethereum Ropsten, Rinkeby, Goerli, Kovan coins at Bitszn bot. Monitor your Tendermint based nodes. Get full support.

Bitszn bots

Bitszn bot — is a telegram bot to get free crypto coins. Nodes checker bot — track performance of your testnet and mainnet nodes at cryptocurrencies events. Solana monitoring tools. Cosmos monitoring. Get free Ethereum coins. Request for testnet and ambassador programs. Earn free crypto. Request coins from faucet. Get coins for transaction fees. Join Bitszn community. Monitor your staking rewards.